Happy Birthday To Us!

In the age of fast information and sensational articles cropping the actual body of the article down to minimum not to risk losing reader’s attention, it’s hard, but also a supreme pleasure to gather old-fashion, traditional book lovers and people passionate about reading quality literature. Two of us have this kind of relation and we keep growing along as we expand our private libraries and increase the number of read and reviewed books. The internet has given us priceless opportunity to share our passion and interest with everyone reading us regularly here at the Strange Charm blog.

Strange Charm is three years old today! We’ve had an amazing years of reading, covering Alternate History, Fantasy Romance, Transhumanism, Food and Musical magic, as well as a spectacular array of recent releases. We’re so impressed by the strength and variety of women’s writing in every area of Science Fiction and Fantasy, and look forward to another equally amazing year ahead.

But for now we’re celebrating our birthday in style with plenty of cake and presents. We’ve eaten the cake ourselves (sorry), but the presents are for you. We’ve each picked out three of our favorite books from the last year, and we’re going to send them all to one lucky reader in a spectacular surprise parcel along with some handwritten notes and other goodies.

We reckon the best presents are carefully-chosen surprises, so we’re not going to tell you in advance which books are in the parcel, but it’s a really exciting selection, and together they represent the very best that the past year has had to offer (they’ve all been featured here too).

To enter our giveaway, just follow the link to Rafflecopter here. Open to all UK residents; entries will be accepted until 23:59 (GMT) on 7th November 2016.

Finally, thank you to everyone who supports Strange Charm, by reading, commenting, tweeting, and following. We’ve had an absolute blast doing this for the past two years, and you guys make it so worthwhile — we couldn’t do it without you!

Joanna & Rachel